Virtual Pangea and Moretti Fine Art Gallery Announce Partnership to bring Old Masters Art into the Metaverse

Moretti Fine Art Gallery Set to Inaugurate Virtual Pangea’s Block-0

ZUG, Switzerland, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blockchain innovator Virtual Pangea AG (  announces its partnership with the critically acclaimed Moretti Fine Art Gallery, set to open its first virtual gallery in the company’s metaverse later in the year. The news comes as the Old Italian Masters gallery specializing in paintings and sculptures from the 14th to the 17th century, is opening today its doors to a new, refurbished space in London, 12-13 Duke Street, St. James’s.

As one of the icebreakers in its niche entering the metaverse, Moretti Fine Art Gallery will be inaugurating Block-0 – the first block of the Virtual Pangea Metaverse and the first immersive 3D & VR-ready experience coming later this year. The Moretti digital gallery will be located in this massive multistorey structure showcasing the power of NFT technology in a virtual space.

Within this space, Moretti Fine Art clients will witness history in the making, interacting, and buying NFTs of the finest art in the world. The future gallery presents an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy art and traditional masterpieces beyond the limitations of the physical, experienced via the best technology has to offer, connecting the real’ and virtual worlds like never before.

Andreea Mocanu, Business Director and cofounder of Virtual Pangea, commented: “The partnership with the Moretti Fine Art Gallery opens the door for art experts and enthusiasts, as well as curious users to enjoy and invest in masterpieces in an exciting and memorable way. We are beyond excited about the opportunity to host such a prestigious gallery in our Block-0 and we are looking forward to growing what is already looking to be a fruitful relationship.” 

Fabrizio Moretti founded the Moretti Fine Art Gallery in 1999 at the age of 22, according to his latest interview for FT: “I never felt young at the time. I was ready. It helped, of course, to be in Italy. And there was [more] maturity then that is different today, perhaps the world is not tough enough anymore.” Through trial and error his decades long experience has made Moretti a master of the craft, creating one of the finest Old Masters galleries in the world.

The public can enjoy the inaugural exhibition in the gallery’s new space in London on July 1st, which will include the finest Italian paintings and sculptures, featuring works by Sano Di Pietro, Giovanni Baronzio, Nicolo dell’Abate, and Canaletto, for which the gallery is world-famous.

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Virtual Pangea AG is the creator of the first Multilayer Metaverse that offers businesses, institutions, and users a seamless experience across devices. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the company focuses on community ownership and developing solutions that will contribute to R&D and further blockchain adoption.

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About Moretti Fine Art Gallery

The Moretti Fine Art Gallery is a critically acclaimed gallery founded in 1999 by the expert art dealer and collector Fabrizio Moretti. The gallery specializes in the finest Old Master artwork from the 14th to 17th century and has been featured at numerous prestigious art exhibitions. across the word.

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