June 26, 2022

Val Kilmer’s Kamp Kilmer Launches God Panel NFT Project

Kamp Kilmer has just announced the launch of the NFT project God Panels, in collaboration with Galaxis and Chainlink. This is set to be part of actor and artist Val Kilmer’s vision for the Kamp Kilmer metaverse; which, according to Kilmer, will be a space where artists, musicians, collectors, and friends gather to celebrate creativity.

Kamp Kilmer is teaming up with Galaxis and Chainlink for a conceptual NFT project.

In addition to being an actor, Val Kilmer is also well-known in the traditional art world; particularly for his fine art exhibition “God Panels”. The original collection consists of “God” written on various panels. Therefore, it invites the audience to examine their personal relationship with this word.

About the Kamp Kilmer NFT collection

The God Panel NFT Project expands this concept. The genesis God Panel NFT collection invites artists and collectors to create works of art that explore the “God” notion. The presale will be open between 15 April 9 a.m. and 21 April 9 a.m.; with the public sale taking place between 21 April 9 a.m. and 28 April 9 a.m.

After the sale of the genesis collection, artists can create derivative works. Therefore, there will undoubtedly be several derivative collections that will continue to explore this complex concept.

As the project evolves, Kamp Kilmer will introduce gamification elements. These include the ability to combine pieces from the collection and create unique, derivative pieces. In addition, there will also be community tools that will enable God Panel owners to manage the project as it evolves.

Andras Kristof, Founder and CEO of Galaxis, commented on the collection: “The God Panels project will be the first of many within the Kamp Kilmer metaverse. With support from Chainlink VRF, users can generate provably rare NFTs and then continuously add utility to them over time. We’re excited that our platform can empower Val Kilmer and hundreds of other artists to explore what’s possible within the world of Web3.”

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