Towards the Metaverse: the 7 best Virtual Reality experiences you can have today

Venice VR is already looking at the Metaverse, but in a critical way. Liz Rosenthal recounts how she, too, has noticed the voracity with which the industry has tried to grab this new slice of the market, while commentators have been “prattling on about what it is, blabbering about XR, social media, multiplayer games, and streaming media” and often muddying the waters. Just like in Silicon Valley, the story is repeating itself today: “no one understands it but everyone wants in”. When it comes to what the Metaverse is currently offering, Rosenthal prefers to spend her time in VRChat, a meeting place from which the logic of investing in NFTs, land, avatar skins, and whatnot has been left out for now, while “the creativity and inventiveness – given the crowdedness of the artists, creatives, and developers – is amazing”.

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