The Tickle Turns 1, Celebrates Landmark 52nd Weekly Issue

Building on the freedom and potential of the low barriers to entry on Tezos NFTs that helped to create a truly global, diverse, and inclusive community, the publication sought to champion the very best art being created, and amplify the stories of the artists creating it.

Since day one, they have sought to reflect the values of the truly diverse group of contemporary artists creating work on Tezos NFT platforms, from established international artists to emerging talent, across all metrics of diversity and across the whole spectrum of contemporary digital art.

Every weekly issue contains the work of three artists with in-depth interviews, alongside the poems, prose poems, or short stories of one creative writer.

They have also attended and reported on, various international art shows, including Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach.

Expanding from humble beginnings, The Tickle has innovated in NFT publishing, introducing a series of limited edition artworks acting as subscriptions to the magazine, and forming a club of subscribers that receives weekly drops of exclusive, free art from featured artists.

A weekly podcast features extended interviews with all featured artists and writers. The publication is now supported by the Tezos Foundation and one of the biggest Tezos NFT platforms

Tezos, an open-source, energy-efficient blockchain is helping re-imagine the digital canvas for brands, companies, and artists around the world.

Tezos’ energy-efficient design and low costs for minting and transacting NFTs have attracted a diverse global community of artists, collectors, and builders.

With Tezos home to major NFT platforms such as fx(hash),, and, more artists are choosing to create on Tezos than ever before.

Notable organizations building on Tezos include Manchester United, The Gap, Ubisoft, Papa John’s, Guerlain, Evian Water, Team Vitality, Formula 1 racing teams Oracle Red Bull Racing, and McLaren Racing, banking giant Societe Generale, music NFT platform OneOf, and more.

In June 2022, Tezos was In the spotlight at this year’s Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland with a groundbreaking exhibition – Chance Encounters in New Mediums: Generative Art.

This unique interactive exhibition from Tezos, followed a months of major NFT activations by the Tezos ecosystem at pivotal art events such as Art Basel Miami Beach, Frieze LA, SXSW, Sonar +D, and VidCon.

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Further expanding, The Tickle recently released the first issue of a new quarterly journal of long-form creative writing, The Tickle Lit, also minted as an NFT on Tezos, featuring the very finest writers in the space.

A year has gone by, but this is just the beginning.

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