The rise of the Metacians Community. The new Metaverse craze is here

Author presents the world of METACIANS

The new internet design intends to support a permanent digital world where thousands and millions of people can interact simultaneously on different platforms.”


SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, July 10, 2022 / — The (CEO Jang Jin-Woo) released METACIANS on July 4, 2022. METACIANS represents a highly interactive three-dimensional virtual world. In this article, the metacians define the Metaverse as a massive virtual environment parallel to the physical world, in which users interact through different fields.


METACIANS created their token and even had the linden dollar currency. In the game world, examples of metaverses such as and are increasing daily. However, with the press release by Mark Zuckerberg on changing Facebook to Meta, the masses began to explore Metaverses. Today social media has become a necessity, especially for the new generation. It allows for multiple interactions within various platforms, businesses, and education sites, thereby creating sustainability for growth in Metaverse. Technology advancement has aided in developing online games, transactions, and online trading in the comfort of our homes. Others get paid and earn a lot by doing trade and online jobs. There are a lot of Pros of Metaverse that help people nowadays, just like connecting the world and negating physical distance. Metacians have enabled thrilling experiences, better social interactions online, upgraded social media, new business opportunities, and improved online learning and education. It will aid in a Positive impact on cryptocurrencies and NFTs and Improvements to gaming. The metacians, designed as a simulation of the natural world, cover all areas related to humans and society and offers a suitable working platform for researchers in all fields, from health to sports, from education to art.

The new internet design intends to support a permanent digital world where thousands and millions of people can interact simultaneously on different platforms. However, infrastructure management has to be continuously improved. Time management and self-control are what we need in using these unique technologies. In addition, Metacians Team creates a Platform-Hub, for the metaverse community to connect and rack brains with each other. Metaverses are; “A virtual analog to our world; the metacians provide richer online experiences and enable forms of online interaction previously out of our reach.”

Today, these previously presented concepts are made more immersive and thus more viable through technology such as VR headsets and NFTs. Currently, only a few people can navigate this space; however, with increased knowledge and development of user-friendly packages, the Metaverse will soon be the norm.

The Future

The Metaverse will benefit citizens working from home and create an environment for team leaders to meet with their employees worldwide; it will offer a platform for income for specific projects such as online shops and paid 3-D games. It will promote tourism virtually to people who cannot travel and make health care efficient, especially in sharing medical data and virtual consultations (Oh, 2022).


Oh, J. (2022). Effects of University Students’ Metaverse Use Motivations on Satisfaction and Continued Use Intention: Focused on the Virtual World Metaverse. Journal Of The Korea Entertainment Industry Association, 16(2), 1-17.

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