May 29, 2022

The Perfect Marriage Of Art And Tech

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so what better time to drop the latest Wall St Fam collection, Wall St Moms! The project completes the collection of quirky NFT parents that reflect the people that have guided us through life. Now, we honor them through one of the most unique collections in the space.

When the financial edge of Wall Street meets family values

Presenting The Wall St Fam: The Perfect Marriage

Mind you, this is NOT just another PFP collection. Even before the success of Wall St Dads, we knew that they were just the beginning. The team will release Wall St Moms on May 7, 2022, reuniting with the Dads to complete the Wall St Fam.

The mint is broken up into three phases. Firstly, the VIP List and the Waitlist get to mint a maximum of 2 WSMs at 0.09 ETH each. Subsequently, the public will get to mint at 0.12 ETH. The VIPs will be given 3 hours of early access before the waitlist accounts are allowed in. Following that, public access will open 3 hours later.

Hey Mommy Hey Daddy! Bring On The Goodies!

Getting onto the VIP list has tons of perks. VIPs get a free-to-mint Wall St Dad Rocket-Ed NFT for every Wall St Moms minted. Besides, the VIPs will also be the first to access the team’s revolutionary NFT assessment engine. Lastly, minting first will almost guarantee VIPs a spot, low gas fees, and being able to mint at the lowest possible price. Unfortunately, both the Whitelist and Waitlist are already full.

Even if you have to get one on the secondary market, being part of the Wall St Fam gives you a unique set of benefits. Aside from the insane artwork and intricate detail, all holders have access to exclusive educational presentations and AMAs from the best in the industry. Holders will also be part of the upcoming DAO.

Holders will be rewarded with Tendies, an ERC-20 token that will unlock exclusive prizes and privileges. If you hold a Mom and a Dad, greater rewards await. Even so, all these perks do not even come close to what holders will get through the upcoming VibeRater 2.0 utility.

Join the Mommy Movement!

Power Utility: VibeRater 2.0

The creators have put in place plans to expand the Wall St Fam, including Wall St Kids, Wall St Pets, etc. However, only the mom and dad holders will get exclusive access to the VibeRater 2.0. This is where the real value lies.

VibeRater 2.0 is the best NFT rarity rating tool from the brainiacs at Wall St Fam. Currently, the VibeRater 1.0 ranking engine combines raw statistics with human sentiment, giving holders various tools to make wiser financial decisions in the NFT space. If you have visited any NFT platform, you have surely experienced the overwhelming selection of NFTs. Each NFT possesses a different trait, so how can people know which one is more valuable?

The next upgrade to VR 2.0 will integrate the pricing engine, which gives users a master view of any price deviation, valuing every NFT in a collection in one glance. The price of an NFT is not just about the rarity of a trait. Each project can accommodate creator-specific priorities and unique element combinations that give it its value. This way, the NFT community can understand the valuation the way the creators intended it to be.

Besides Wall St Fam, there are thousands of other projects on the platform. Now you too can unlock your inner Wall Street and conquer the NFT leaderboards!

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