The Museum Introduces A Website And Virtual Tours With A Leading Technology In The World

The museum will launch its new website in a few days, Which implements an innovative tool, 360-degree virtual tours in high definition, with thematic itineraries that make Pontevedra Cultural Institute the world leader in this type of offer. “Personalized” for your digital audience. The director, José Manuel Rey, recalled that the pandemic brought new audiences who “They’re Here To Stay”, So Art Galleries Must Move To Improve Online Relationships,

Yesterday, the Castellao building was the scene of the presentation of these new instruments “A true digital transformation of the museum”, In the words of Ray, who stressed that this transformation is one of the most important challenges facing art galleries around the world. This change “goes through a complete upgrade of the website and A tremendously innovative tool”, he highlighted, a system of virtual visits “with an extreme degree of detail and quality”, which allows us to access fragments that are sometimes imperceptible to the human eye.,

is about “A starting point for new developments in the future”, advanced on this digital transformation plan who wants Expanding the physical boundaries of the museum,

It is “a starting point for new developments in the future”, advanced the director regarding a digital transformation plan that seeks to expand the physical boundaries of the museum.

In addition to being a dissemination tool, the new website It also has an educational, promotional and patronage character.Because “the degree of documentation is so extreme,” said José Manuel Rey, that makes it easy for technicians to diagnose tasks without even going to the Castellao and Sarmiento buildings.

in addition to the following Free navigation facility through both the buildings, all free transit places have been digitized and 62 main functions of the institute have been registered with utmost level of detail.,

This facilitates a much deeper connection between the virtual visitor and each piece, In which you can differentiate techniques, colors, shades in detail… Micro stories based on protagonist, scenario, time context etc. are also added which helps in elaboration of information. About these great works.

The new website is defined by its minimalist style, reduction in visual weight, a new iconography and symbology and being compatible with all supports and mobile devices. Also includes “valuable and well-structured content”

also participated in the presentation Vice-Chairman of the Provincial Council, caesar mosquitoRubén Gómez, from Deputación’s New Technology Service and the person in charge of developing the equipment from the company Madpixel, Iaqui Arregondo, The other two teams that collaborated with the museum on the extensive redesign of the new website.

It is defined, recalled Ruben Gomez, by Its minimalist style, visual weight reduction, a new image and symbology and to be compatible with all supports and mobile devices, Also included is “valuable and well-structured content”, he explained on a website that Allows you to visit collections, current and past exhibitions, access educational resources or library and documentation,

usually, We have sought to improve the quality of user experience, navigation and texts informative.

Each “mega image” of thematic virtual tours is generated from a mosaic of thousands of photographs. It is the “best technical quality in the world” for these distinctive itineraries through the most unique fields such as archaeology.


The most important museums in the world, such as the Prado, Thyssen or the Louvre, already have virtual tours to facilitate free visits, which provide access to all collections. For the old, the one from Pontevedra From his website that will offer “7 thematic experiences with a technology that made its debut in this museum”, Iaki Arregondo describes these virtual tours with “gigapixel” resolution,

Each “megaimage” is generated from a mosaic of thousands of photographs. It is “the best technical quality in the world”, Emphasis was placed on these specific itineraries through the most specialized areas such as archaeology, works of Castellao, etc.

other The innovation will be a live visit with the museum’s monitors leading the tours, Several schools have had pilot experiences with “very gratifying” results, the director explained, pointing to a promising virtual future for an institution in which migration and deportation play the role of context.

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