The Metaverse Is Already Here: It’s Called Roblox.

Imagine a digital world, filled with your friends and friendly strangers. You can be anyone, a princess, a warrior, heck you can be a baby if you want, snugly swaddled in a nursery, waiting for a good person to adopt you and take you home. You can spend your real money there and build your own world. The metaverse sure will be great. But wait, I freaking tricked you. This isn’t the metaverse, it’s Roblox baby. Roblox.

Roblox Corporation

You can adopt a deer. Or YOU can get adopted. The future is now.

If Roblox sounds like I’m having a minor stroke while typing, let me enlighten you. Roblox is an online platform where users create and play games. The graphics look like Lego and Minecraft had a hideous child and the array of stuff on there is absolutely magical. That baby reference in the first paragraph? That’s a real game developed by real people. It’s called Adopt Me! which is a pretty catchy and intriguing title. Players can enter a lobby and be a baby or a potential parent. The game also lets you adopt pets but c’mon, who chooses the hamburger patty when there’s a rarer meat on the menu? This is Roblox’s most popular game. We’re out here losing hair and sleep over Elden Ring and these geniuses are throwing on a pair of diapers and calling it a day.

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