Sylvester Stallone’s groundbreaking NFT project to enter the metaverse

Sylvester Stallone is a big-time screenwriter, blockbuster movie star and now, NFT enthusiast. The Hollywood star of classic movies like “Rocky,” “Rambo,” and more recently launched in the metaverse with his own non-fungible token (NFT) project, PlanetSLY.

Stallone is one of the few Hollywood stars breaking new ground in the currently obscure digital space. The more mainstream influencers and institutions connect to the digital world of the metaverse, the more reliable and valuable NFTs become.

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Developed by Stallone himself, PlanetSLY – the home of the SLYGuys NFTs – is a place for fans, collectors and NFT enthusiasts to become part of his NFT community by providing extraordinary events, benefits and opportunities.

“NFTs unlock so much more than art,” Stallone said. “They unlock experiences and all kinds of digital and physical goods. I love that it’s a new way for me to interact with my fans.” PlanetSLY is unique for the unparalleled access it provides to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The SLYGuy NFTs have more than 250 incredible attributes, like boxing gloves, crazy weapons, even Stallone’s large dog and are inspired by his life-long love of art and comic books. PlanetSLY and OpenSea will share the Golden Signature Exclusive Edition Stallone NFTs on their social media platforms.

For more information and to see an example of the “Golden Signature Edition” NFT, visit or join PlanetSLY on Discord at More details are also available on Twitter. Follow @PlanetSLYNFT and @OpenSea.

PlanetSLY is a one-of-a-kind NFT project that is created and curated by Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone. The NFTs are 9,997 unique pieces of digital art that give owners exclusive access to benefits and events that every Italian Stallion fan will absolutely love.


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Exclusive PlanetSLY gear will be released for PlanetSLY NFT holders. PlanetSly is created by, owned by Stallone and entrepreneur Bill Zanker. It is an NFT studio presenting extraordinary experiences and unique digital collectibles – both blockchain-based and in real life (IRL).

Throughout the PlanetSLY project, Stallone has taken a practical approach to building and designiambitious ventureng his personal NFTs. This into the NFT realm seeks to bridge the gap between the value of digital collectibles and the real world by offering NFT as well as real-life experiences such as the lavish dinner with Stallone in Miami. The project celebrates Stallone’s career in a new and exciting way, offering fans who aren’t convinced about NFTs a tempting incentive to invest in them.

SLYguy holders will be given more opportunities to receive exclusive merchandise. This further encourages fans to take one. The chance to snag one of these rare tokens during the pre-sale is also very exclusive. Fans should be posting on social media expressing their fanfare for Stallone. Only those who have received an invitation to the pre-sale will be able to participate. Less than 10,000 NFTs will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, with Stallone offering to autograph only 25 select tokens.

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