SUPERPLASTIC & Gucci Unveil Final SUPERGUCCI Collection Drop

SUPERPLASTIC (AKA: “the metaverse’s Disney”) announced today that they’re dropping the final installment of their collaborative SUPERGUCCI collection with luxury powerhouse Gucci.

Holders of the SUPERGUCCI Janky NFT will receive a new Gucci Love Parade-inspired Guggimon NFT (completing the set of SUPERPLASTIC’s iconic virtual duo).

Back in February, SUPERPLASTIC and Gucci announced the first iteration of the project, which combined vibrant Gucci patterns with SUPERPLASTIC’s lively pair of animated characters, Janky and Guggimon. In the last year alone, the brand’s Janky & Guggimon NFTs have sold for over $20 million in total, with SUPERGUCCI’s current resale floor price at 2.37 ETH (around $4,000).

As the final installment of the collaborative series, this second drop will feature the limited Guggimon NFT, as well as a handmade ceramic sculpture produced at the Bitossi factory in Italy. Unfortunately, this collection is only available to VIP holders of the first drop…meaning you might need to make some bids on OpenSea if you’re looking to cop!

“Our celebrity characters have tens of millions of fans and followers around the world and to partner with Gucci, one of the most identifiable brands on the planet, was an exciting collaboration for both of us,” said Paul Budnitz, CEO and Founder of SUPERPLASTIC.

Since hosting one of the most sought-after NFT collaborations of 2022, SUPERPLASTIC has quickly established itself as an industry leader in web3. The company has raised over $38 million while also landing exclusive partnerships with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Paris Hilton, Lil Nas X, J Balvin, Fortnite, and Stadium Goods.

With such a diverse lineup of collaborators, SUPERPLASTIC’s success highlights why some of the most valuable NFT collections usually include physical gifts or experiences. This is reinforced by the opening of their flagship store in Manhattan, which features a gallery for installations and community gatherings.

In speaking with Budnitz about the Prince Street space, he notes that not only will there be limited art pieces and toys exclusively available in-store, but a ton of engaging activities for both first-time visitors and NFT holders alike (like geocached airdrops and album launches). The store will also have a VIP room exclusively for NFT owners, which will feature one-off physical and digital art pieces.

After the SUPERGUCCI drop, Budnitz says they have an upcoming Guccighost project in September they’re excited about, as well as some new experiential art spaces launching across a few American cities in 2023. For the activations, SUPERPLASTIC plans to code their NFTs to act as ‘magic tickets’ for unlocking access to merchandise or activities.

As SUPERPLASTIC’s aim is to become “Disney on crack” (as Budnitz describes), the brand is well on its way to mastering the balance between collaboration and activation for NFTs. By continuing to elevate both their branded projects and IRL events, SUPERPLASTIC is setting the precedent for how brands can ensure their web3 reputation is set in stone.

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