Street photographer shares NFT profits with street performer subject

Boston, USA-based street photographer, Austin Schofield, has made the life of a local street performer that little bit easier thanks to the sale of four NFTs. As a way of giving back to Donald Heller, aka “The Hurdy Gurdy Man”, Schofield has ensured that Heller will receive royalties from the initial sale of the NFTs as well as future sales. 

NFTs are still a point of contention, and in the past photographers have been criticized for selling NFTs that are exploitative. The Associated Press came under fire for attempting to sell a video of migrants on a boat as an NFT, furious fans took to Twitter to air their anger over Nirvana NFTs, and one auction house in New Zealand, reportedly told a winning bidder to smash the original glass plate portraits so the NFTs were worth more. 

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