Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup bets everything on picture upgrades and AI tricks

The Art Store: With access to over 2,500 pieces curated by world class galleries, The Art Store allows users to customize the screen to their personal taste. In 2023, the Art Store 2.0 will feature a more user-friendly on-screen experience. Samsung has partnered with the world’s leading NFT marketplaces to deliver this unique content in new ways. The new NFT platform delivers a diverse selection of carefully curated NFTs and the new UI even features events promoted by Samsung partners and feature more than 1,000 artists. Finally, with 8K NFTs over-indexing among purchasers of NFTs, Samsung partnered with Savage, a leading provider to deliver art in stunning 8K resolution.

Relumino Mode: The first technology that empowers people with low vision to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and games without needing wearable hardware. With the click of a remote, Relumino, which translates from Latin to “return the light,” enables televisions to use Samsung-developed artificial intelligence to dynamically outline the edges of on-screen elements and rebalance colors. This enables virtually anyone to better see people, objects, and text.

Health Monitor: Samsung’s first TV-based health monitoring service. Built for the latest Neo QLED TV, OLED TVs, and Smart Monitors, Samsung’s new in-home health monitoring technology leverages an optional attachable camera to offer users the ability to monitor their own health without invasive physical diagnostics. Samsung’s camera analysis measures five key vital signs – heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and stress index – all from your couch. It does this by using remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), an intelligent computer vision technology that assesses vital signs by detecting changes in facial skin color caused by heartbeats.

The system is opt-in, contactless, accurate and easy to use.

Samsung Telemedicine: Samsung Telemedicine is a new application developed specifically for our smart TVs and engineered to make big-screen telemedicine appointments simple for those seeking at-home medical care. Users can select from a list of symptoms, indicate how long they’ve been present, and the app will show relevant available doctors. A doctor will generally connect within 60 seconds, then conduct an exam through video conferencing via the app and with devices such as a Samsung Galaxy Watch or other devices. Once the exam is complete, users can rate their experience, schedule a follow-up, or fill a prescription remotely and have it delivered directly to their doorstep all via the on-screen app.

Chat Together: Chat Together is the world’s first TV-embedded platform that allows real- time communications while watching live TV. It allows you to easily communicate with people outside the home in real-time. Moreover, the mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, allows users to quickly respond to both TV and mobile platforms using a single interface. The whole connection process is done simply by downloading the mobile app and tapping the BLE pop-up.

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