Ragnarok Meta – A unique combination of Web3, Metaverse and a role playing game

Using NFTs as their digital identity, players can utilize their gaming skills to reach various stages that lead to their win.

Video games are more popular around the fighting genre, and its popularity has been rising since the gaming world was introduced. The thrill amongst players sweating it out, battling each other to win the game has shifted from TV and mobile screens to the Metaverse. With the introduction of this modern technology, players are able to experience gaming in real time and that’s the reason their popularity has seen a steady rise in recent times. With the emergence of blockchain based gaming, the space has picked up momentum at a fast pace than before. The game of defeating the opponent and pocketing cryptos and NFTs are in vogue at present as many blockchain based gaining platforms are stepping in to fill up the growing demand of this sphere.

Ragnarok Meta is one such NFT gaming project that brings along the powerful Web3 medium, Metaverse and role play gaming under one roof. The players can enter new dimensions, play, chat and hangout using their NFT as their digital identity. It is an engaging new NFT drop taking gaming NFT space to the next level. Users can take part in the game using their Ronin identity which is an incredible piece of art collection numbering up to 7,777, that can also be used as their profile picture across social networks. If the users own a Ronin NFT, they have access to its playable counterpart. Their digital Ronin avatar can visit any place across the Metaverse, though initially it will be limited to the world of Ragnarök.

Each Ronin comes with its set of accessories like Weapons, VR headsets, X-ray glasses and much more, which sets the game on an exciting journey. Users can also own virtual buildings, which they can customize to a certain degree, which creates a plethora of opportunities for them. There’s a whole lot of exciting stuff to do like slay monsters, loot objects and craft NFTs along with trade, earn and own real estate.

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