Quint Gets Its Token Listed On XT.com Exchange




Quint, a revolutionary platform, is excited to announce the listing of its native token QUINT on the world’s first social-infused digital trading platform, XT.com.

As per the announcement, the listing allows Quint and XT.com community members to trade QUINT at a competitive price and low fees. They also have the opportunity to add another trading option to their portfolio. It was done on August 10 2022, at 10:00 (UTC). The trading pair for this listing is QUINT/USDT.

Notably, before the listing, the team behind the project had encouraged users to start depositing their crypto holding on August 9 at 10:00 (UTC). Trading commenced on August 10 after listing, while withdrawals were made available on August 11, 2022, at 10:00 (UTC)).

The QUINT token is at the heart of the Quint project powering its ecosystem. The token is first of its kind token designed with unique real-world incentives and physical asset creation.

Commenting on the listing, Jonathan Shih, the Head of MEA (the Middle East & Africa) at XT.com, stated:




“We will soon list the QUINT token on our platform. This new listing is a remarkable milestone for us, and we will be anticipated to support QUINT’s mission of connecting the Metaverse to the real world while uplifting the users’ taste in luxury through the QUINT token.”

Quint seeks to connect the Metaverse to the Real World as a project. The project was commissioned by a team of experts that aim to create a legacy ecosystem that reflects their accomplishments in life. The project wants to help increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and DeFi by offering mainstream investors a reliable and low-risk environment with all the services and products they need.

Quint offers high crypto returns enabled through its super staking pools that provide excellent luxury prices such as luxury stays in Duba, limited edition timepieces, supercar experiences and more. These awesome staking pools are in addition to the standard staking options. The super staking pools are divided into two groups which are luxury raffle pools and quintessential pools.

In addition, Quint has Boutique NFT Marketplace that connects the real world with the Metaverse. This marketplace delivers NFT art to buyers’ doors in beautiful physical token frames. The ecosystem also has a Metaverse Art club and a Merchandise shop. The Metaverse Arts Club will provide the community access to different tiers where some will get to mingle with prominent people in the industry.

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