May 24, 2022

PoseidonDAO Comes Under Fire For Publicly Shaming An NFT Artist

PoseidonDAO finds itself in hot water after releasing a reckless tweet publicly slandering a Web3 artist. After pouring countless hours and energy into your work, watching it sell should bring good fortune. Instead, Alessandro Bavari received malicious tweets from PoseidonDAO, targeting his reputation and self-worth.

“META-CELESTIAL SAINTS” series, dedicated to Saints and Martyrs. “THE ELECTRIC SAINT”
Credit: Alessandro Bavari

So What Happened?

Three days ago, PoseidonDAO purchased one of Alessandro’s artworks titled “Coaxial Sharing Of Their Big Deception.” for 7 ETH. A day later, Alessandro sold an additional piece, “The Electric Saint.” for 3.5 ETH. Before we get started…Horray for Bavari!

Now, here is where things start to take an unnatural turn.

After selling “The Electric Saint,” Alessandro expressed his gratitude to the new owner for their business and congratulated them on their new purchase. After which, PoseidonDAO also took to their Twitter account, congratulating the new owner.

However, within the same coded breath, PoseidonDAO announced that they will “No longer support.” Alessandro Bavari’s art. Stating that accepting a bid for only 3.5 ETH (over 9,000$) “Shows us Bavari is not only UNABLE to value us as collectors and investors, but unable to value himself as an artist.”

PosidonDAO’s reckless actions have caused a broad stream of support for Alessandro as many believe Posiedon’s opinion of an artist should remain to themselves. Especially when judging what an artist deems as adequate compensation for their work. As with many things, art is subjective, and its value can only be measured through experience or emotions with the piece individually. So while you might pay five, I’d gladly pay twenty. However, in the end, the true measurable value is up to the creator.

Alessandro Reacts to PoseiDonDAO

As a “visual artist with lateral thinking,” Alessandro Bavari creates mind-bending, one-of-a-kind 3-d animations. Admired by many,  you’ll have to see to comprehend his twisting constructs. Alessandro responded beautifully to the events that transpired after PoseidonDAO’s unprofessionalism.

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