Pakistani digital artist and NFT creator Sameer Baloch resurrects creativity

With modern technologies and concepts like block chain and NFTs, the world has stepped into the Web3 space.

It is the new age of the internet that allows artists to reimagine creativity. Sameer Baloch is also one of those people who see things from different perspectives and translate them into stunning 3D art.


WHO IS SAMEER BALOCH? — Among a few of those Pakistanis who have earned exceptional fame for the country, Sameer Baloch is one of them. He is a well-known Digital Artist, NFT Creator, and the Founder of Laidback Llamas. He lives in Masqat, Oman and completed his education in Pakistan. When it comes to his talents and expertise, he ranks among the rarest digital artists in the world. He has worked on multiple projects within the NFTs space and achieved huge success. From creating his unique prominence in the industry to earning huge returns on his digital art, Baloch is on the verge of unleashing his real potential in 3D arts and designing.


WHAT INSPIRED HIM TO PURSUE 3D ARTS & CREATE NFTS? — Rapid advancements and inventions in technology have introduced new dynamics to almost every industry. Similarly, the field of arts and design has also transformed with a new shape and potential on a global scale. The advent of new and unique tech areas like cryptocurrency, blockchain, Web3, Virtual Reality and Metaverse opened new avenues for everyone within the creative arts and design industry. From graphics and animation designers to fashion designers and NFT artists, everyone has got equal and unimaginable opportunities. Keeping this in mind and having all the existing design skills and talents, Baloch opted to transform them with modern technologies and decided to dive into the world of 3D Arts and NFTs. Now he has spent several years in the industry with a huge portfolio with global recognition.


WHAT’S THE STORY OF LAID BACK LLAMAS? — Laid Back Llamas are a unique collection of 7,000 exclusively created female llamas. This collection of woolly and super fashionable NFTs also includes a total of 100 Boss Llamas that are manually created on the Ethereum blockchain. Laid Back Llamas are 7K NFTs generated through AI and Boss Llamas are powered by manual ETH minting. Those who love these NFTs and want to buy them can check out Baloch’s profile on OpenSea. Laid Back Llamas Collection on this platform features all 7,000 NFTs with 3.3K owners, 3.1K ETH in total volume and a floor price of 0.05 ETH. There is a lot more that you will explore after visiting his store on this platform. The collection offers a wide range of collectables including everything from head, eyes, nose, ears and neck to fur, outfits, backgrounds and much more. Interested people can take a look at everything available and can enjoy the benefit of buying single and bundled items.


HIS COLLABORATION WITH QUIZNOS — with his unique talents and skills in 3D designing, Baloch’s work got noticed by Quiznos’ – a famous international fast-casual restaurant chain. The restaurant collaborated with and The NFT Agency to introduce its first collection of NFTs and Baloch as the 3D digital artist. It was an opportunity of a lifetime for him to invest his time and efforts into something that will bring him global attention and recognition. The project surrounds the idea of astronauts on a mission imagining alternative and innovative methods of sustainability in the crypto galaxy. These sandwich coins gained huge hype and fame for him as well.


FEATURED ON TOP GLOBAL MEDIA OUTLETS — Baloch’s work has been featured on and World Marketplace. Along with that, he has been recognized and featured by other top media outlets and news sources like Yahoo Finance and Business Wire. These and many other famous publications on the internet reflect Baloch’s significant position and demand in the digital art world. He is highly inspired by Mike Winkleman aka Beeple and most of the ideology behind his work comes from there. From Fantasy and sci-fi movies to outer space, few things reflect his creative passion and capabilities in the form of 3D art.


WHAT’S HIS DEFINITION OF CREATIVITY & MODERN ARTS? — Unlike other creative artists, Baloch uniquely perceived art. This became possible when he reimagined 3D art by relating outer space with the crypto world. He believes that this is a vast domain with incredible opportunities and a thriving future. All his work reflects his futuristic vision and desire to go beyond imagination. With Laid Back Llamas, Baloch stepped forward in the global NFT space and quickly gained huge attention. He is always passionate about mind-bending landscapes and dark futuristic fantasies. It is due to his unmatched level of creativity that he was invited by globally renowned entities. Some of these include RealityCg, Game Ventures, Frag Games, Sharpimage, Lucid, Sparkling society, Wadi Animation, Box of Art, Barajoun Ent. and more.


FINAL THOUGHTS — it is difficult to conclude everything that we discussed in this publication but it is quite clear that modern technology has given new meanings to the field of 3D arts and design. Along with that, it has given rise to visionary digital artists like Sameer Baloch and many others. Be it the tangible or the non-tangible side, tech art and 3D designing have reached a new horizon with NFTs.


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