Olympix Unleashes New NFT Platform For All Soccer Enthusiasts

Olympix, a newly launched crypto avenue, has established a new sports platform featuring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other new-age technologies to provide a meeting place for all crypto-sports enthusiasts.

On August 17, Olympix confirmed launching its blockchain-powered sports platform for all crypto-sport enthusiasts. The new platform will provide a meeting place for all soccer fans and crypto enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that EX Sport, a digital platform allowing soccer fans to buy, trade, and sell exclusive digital collectibles in NFTs, launched Football NFTs to commemorate the football legend Diego Maradona earlier this year.

Unfortunately, European nationality restrictions prevented the football legend from winning the Ballon d’Or. First awarded in 1956, this annual reward honors the best male football player, deemed to have performed the best in previous years.

But interestingly, Olympix has demonstrated through its newly launched crypto platform and activities that sports should be fair to all despite their ethnicity, place of origin, or country of residence. Olympix anticipates rolling out a series of programs to restore fairness in sports.

Olympix Roadmap

Olympix anticipates building the world’s largest guild of digital sports assets. It will partner with football clubs, non-profits, charities, sports influencers, and other related organizations to generate NFT assets for the global sports community. Olympixball will be its first digital asset.

Moreover, Olympix will build an NFT-powered wide variety of virtual sports games to make all sports fans rejoice. These metaverse sports games will range from single-player games to tournaments and multi-player PVP.

Lastly, Olympix has confirmed plans to develop a decentralized sports brand that enhances trend, comfort, and low price. Olympix will focus on community development, uniting NFT art and factories to serve global sports fans.

Olympix Football NFTs

Olympix Football NFTs will allow sports fans around the world to watch sports highlights. Olympix will give crypto-sports and soccer enthusiasts an exclusive chance to access and bookmark live highlights using their NFTs.

Moreover, Olympix Football NFTs will allow the holder to explore other sports assets such as basketball, tennis, and courts. Other NFT-based rewards include NFT leasing rewards, NFT minting, and NFT compounding.

According to the team behind Olympix development, the lion’s share of proceeds generated from the digital assets sales will go towards Olympix treasury. Members holding NFTs will also receive passive profits.

In the meantime, Olympix anticipates removing the entry barrier and making sports accessible to all sports fans and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Although circumstances may not allow some underprivileged children and youth to participate in global sports, Olympix NFTs will help them overcome these obstacles. Olympix is a perfect example of a sports initiative for sports enthusiasts who do not have access to resources.


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