“NFTs for Ukraine” Fundraiser Held at The Gall3ry

The NFTs for Ukraine project was created by Jason Brahms, CEO of VideoGorillas, and local Los Angeles artist, Kelley Anderson (Art Botanica), to help raise money for Ukraine. The event took place on Friday, April 8, 2022, and was hosted at The Gall3ry by Kollectiff, a web3 innovation lab and venture studio located on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, CA. 

The NFT collection includes artwork drawn by the children of Ukraine, art from a collective of established Ukrainian artists, and pieces created specifically for this event by local artist Kelley Anderson. The art from the children and the collective of established Ukrainian artists was sourced and curated by Jason Brahms and Jeka Smolinska. 100% of the proceeds of this event went to benefit NOVA Ukraine through a partnership with Something Bigger.


The event was attended by over 250 people throughout the evening and raised $10,000 on-site, with that amount continuing to increase as the art remains on display through Wednesday, April 13, 2022, and is available for purchase online at Something Bigger. 

The evening included a live art installation painted by Marina Malyarenko Petrykivka and a performance by Victory Jones who opened with a cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon. It also included a musical performance by Ruslan Sirotta, Ukrainian Grammy-Winning Pianist, who joined the live band for a song on the keyboard.  Sirotta’s musical work was also featured alongside the mandala art piece created by Kelley Anderson. 

Post-event the NFTs are available on Something Bigger’s impact-driven NFT platform here:  https://www.somethingbigger.io/collection.  

This event marks the first of many fundraisers that Something Bigger will host on its platform to help use NFTs as a tool to drive relief efforts in the war-torn country of Ukraine. Instructions can be found here on how to set up a crypto wallet using MetaMask to purchase the NFT art.  



Rupert Runeswitch, CSO and CGO of Kollectiff
“We are delighted to host such a special event at The Gall3ry and showcase some really emotive artwork for a great cause. Kollectiff’s gallery space bridges the world between physical and digital art and our aim is to invite more people into this universe. When that mission can also raise funds for a cause we are passionate about, it is a great privilege.”


Kelley Anderson, Los Angeles Moss and NFT Artist

“NFTs for Ukraine exemplifies the true multifaceted power of art. From the art created by Ukrainian children sheltering in bunkers, to the art created to commemorate a beautiful young woman who tragically lost her life at the hands of a Russian soldier, this art moves us to strongly unite and take a stand for Ukraine.”


Jason Brahams, CEO of Video Gorillas

“Our first NFTs for Ukraine event was an important step forward in sharing Ukrainian art culture with the rest of the world and we were very excited to share this amazing artwork sourced from inside the warzone from a collective of established Ukrainian artists and Ukrainian children who are creating artwork inside the bunkers/shelters. By leveraging new NFT technology, and partnering with the amazing LA-based Kollectiff gallery and the Something Bigger (somethingbigger.io) platform, we were able to help create a viable marketplace for Ukrainian art to help raise money for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.” 



Evening of Friday, April 8, 2022

Exhibit on display through April 13, 2022



The Gall3ry by Kollectiff

1324 Abbott Kinney

Venice, CA



Since 2015, Jason Brahms has been the CEO of a US-based Media Technology company Video Gorillas, where every member of his development team is Ukrainian, living and working in Kyiv. The attacks on Ukraine were personal and close to home for Jason, who learned of the invasion while on vacation with his neighbor, artist Kelley Anderson. 


The pair decided at that moment to create a project that could achieve the following: raise money to be used for humanitarian aid in Ukraine; preserve the works of art by Ukrainian children and memorialize them in digital form; showcase and share the beautiful and rich Ukrainian art culture with the rest of the world, and share the realities of this war from the child’s perspective in hopes of inspiring people to take action to help end this war and support rebuilding efforts.


Kollectiff, a web3 venture studio and innovation lab, donated their location for the fundraiser to support the relief efforts in Ukraine. 




Sponsors included:


About Kelley Anderson, Art Botanica

Kelley Anderson is the Founder and Creator of Art Botanica, a moss art studio based in Los Angeles, and her newest endeavor, “She Blooms,” an NFT series launching in May 2022. Her art has been showcased in galleries, media, events, and private collections across the world. VIsit kelleyartbotanica.com and https://www.shebloomsnft.io to learn more.


About Jason Brahms, VideoGorillas 

Jason Brahms is the CEO of US-based media technology company VideoGorillas where every member of his development team is Ukrainian, living and working in Kyiv. Video Gorillas develops state-of-the-art video technology incorporating machine learning, neural networks, visual analysis, object recognition, and live streaming. Customers include film studios, broadcasters, post-production companies, advertising agencies, media platforms, and start-ups Learn more: https://videogorillas.com.


About NOVA Ukraine

Nova Ukraine, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They are approved by Benevity and are a preferred Ukrainian charity for major companies in Silicon Valley, like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Salesforce.  Nova Ukraine focuses exclusively on Ukraine since it was founded in 2014, working in Ukraine on a number of humanitarian causes, educational initiatives and civil society projects.  www.NovaUkraine.org


About Kollectiff

Kollectiff is a web3 innovation and venture studio leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs to create engaging and connected brand experiences, focusing on utility and experiential design. The studio helps IP owners and brands understand and unlock the full potential of Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse, from concept ideation to creative and technical execution. Kollectiff specializes in taking brands and industry into the Metaverse. Company advisors include Sebastien Borget (COO, The Sandbox) and Rodolfo Echeverria (former Global Head of Creative at The Coca-Cola Company.)

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