NFT Metaverse Dogs to Be Offered by Digital Pets Co.

The Digital Pets Company will be debuting artificial intelligence (AI) driven 3D digital dogs as companions, a report said Tuesday (April 12).

The dogs will be secured as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), making them unique digital items.

The report noted that the company combines AI, extended reality and blockchain tech, in order to create a “continuous two-way emotional relationship” with a virtual being across various apps or games.

The dogs will be unique in appearance and personality. And all of it will be powered through the startup’s proprietary PetOS tech.

The Digital Pets Company has raised pre-seed funding in order to help commercialize the tech.

The Digital Pets Company’s mission is to make “lifelike interactions” with voice, visual and touch communication, letting people interact with digital dogs the way they do with physical animals. Users can give them a name, train them and play with other digital dogs.

The dogs, as NFTs, are secured on the Ethereum blockchain, where every one will belong to one digital wallet owned by a specific user.

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PYMNTS wrote that NFTs have been getting more popular in every area, with even payments giants like Mastercard getting in. Mastercard reportedly filed 15 NFT and metaverse trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Mastercard is looking at making a digital community to allow for interactions with digital assets, metaverse payment card processing, an eMarket for buyers and sellers, virtual reality events and other things. One of the trademarks in question is for the company’s “Priceless” slogan, which comes with art, text and video authenticated by NFTs.

Another would add the Mastercard name to concerts, sporting events, festivals, award ceremonies and financial education conferences taking place in the metaverse.



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