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Like every year if the new year, new you mantra did not work out (it never does, the story is as old as time), and you already need motivation to stick to your newly minted goals (it’s been less than a week), turn to NFTs.

Because, why not?

Whether you love NFTs, hate them or can’t seem to understand what the fuss is all about, using an NFT to stick to your new year’s resolution is a weird, wild, and worth talking about concept.

Everyone is dipping their tippy toes in NFTs in a big way, it was only a matter of time before creators from Lion & Lion trend jacked their way with a social cause. Launching a limited-edition, tongue-in-cheek Resolutions NFT series replete with motion graphics, generative art, original digital music creation and typography design, the idea is to help people stick to their intentions and resolutions.

The team combed through global data on the most popular new year’s resolutions from 2019 to 2022, looking at the top 10 resolutions people failed to keep and were most likely to repeat next year, and turned them into artistic NFTs. Each piece of art serves as a smart contract for the collectors to own a resolution that speaks to their hearts and (hopefully) bind into their lifestyle. Nice, fun times.

“The project demonstrates our ability to clients and brands who are planning on transitioning from web2 to web3; brands who require smart solutions (beyond NFTs) that can help them construct fresh narratives to connect with their communities in the web3 / metaverse space,” remarks Cheelip Ong, regional chief creative officer, Lion & Lion.

These limited edition NFT series will be released in various blockchains, debuting with,  for creators to mint, list, sell and buy their NFTS.


Be specific, failure begins with weak or vague goals


Just do it


Never met a dollar who is not nice

And save some money


Cindy Yap, Chan Wai Guan, Desmond Ho, TattHo Chow, Asher Ong and Brandon James Pereira: the creators of the Resolutions NFT Series at Lion & Lion. 

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