Mumbai’s newest art gallery takes root in Bandra’s Pali village

In addition to the gallery itself, which spans two floors, Art & Charlie also has a small design gift shop. “Every time I go to museums in the West, my biggest shopping spree will always happen in gift shop of MoMA or gift shop of Tate,” the gallerist laughs. “I thought, why not have a space here where, even if visitors can’t buy the art itself, they’re still able to take away something by the artists.” Moreover, Subko Coffee Roasters and Bakehouse also have a small kiosk in the space.

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Art & Charlie’s premier showcase, “Kal”, which includes works by Nachiket Prakash, Meghna Singh Patpatia, Arvind Sundar, Saviya Lopes and Shad Fatima, will be up at the gallery until 3 December. “Every weekend, we have a programme of lectures, talks, workshops, and possibly even comedy,” Parikh says. “The idea is to keep creative people coming back all the time.”

Art & Charlie, along with Method’s second location and artist-led art space Fluxus Chapel, is part of a push to expand Mumbai’s art community beyond the confines of Colaba. “It was just a very strategic play for us to be here–we didn’t want to be one of 20-25 galleries in an area where only four or five are going to be seen on a regular basis. We want to develop a regular crowd that comes and enjoys the space not only for its art, but the full experience of the community, on this side of the Sea Link.”

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