Meta Is Being Sued for Stealing the Name of an Immersive Art Company

Can Beat Meta?

It seems like an impossible task. A small immersive art company taking on arguably the biggest company in the world in court rarely works out in favor of the little guy. However, certainly has a case, as the company does have a valid and registered trademark for the name.

Still, given Meta’s vast array of apps and services, the case won’t be nearly that cut and dry. Plus, Meta’s got more than enough resources to make sure won’t have an easy time getting what’s owed to them.

The lawsuit isn’t just about getting what’s owed to it either. It’s safe to assume the case could have some far-reaching implications for the future of tech, at least that’s what the founders would have you believe.

“This lawsuit is bigger than our company. The outcome will have major implications for the protection of intellectual property rights as the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems evolve.”

There are plenty of other social media platforms that know the wrath of Facebook is not to be trifled with, but it looks like might actually have a case in this lawsuit. Come back for more updates as it unfolds.

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