Meta finally accepts Nintendo does it better

Meta (formerly Facebook) had a rough time in 2022 trying to convince everyone the metaverse is the hot new thing in town. While Web3 could well be the future of how we work and play online, why is Meta struggling to get the basics right?

A new update to its social VR space, Meta Horizon Worlds, has removed the configured jump button from pushing in the right thumbstick to the A button. It’s taken Meta a year to realise Nintendo got this right back in 1985 when it released the NES and we all tapped A to make Mario jump. Turn back time and try it for yourself by getting one of the best retro consoles, that prove if it’s not broken don’t change it.

This update comes as new rumours around the forthcoming Apple VR headset circulate, suggesting Meta’s biggest rival could deliver a virtual reality tech designed for collaboration and controller-free use that imitates Apple’s Mac iOS. And, of course, Sony has PSVR 2 launched next month.

(Image credit: Meta)

The Meta Horizon Worlds v94 update (opens in new tab) makes a great boast about this switch, with Meta acknowledging not every liked the original control scheme: “… for many [this] was uncomfortable or inconvenient and resulted in unwanted rotation while jumping,” states the update.

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