MegaDoge Introduces a Metaverse Featuring Exciting

Birmingham, England, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — These Mega Games bring enormous benefits to all gaming enthusiasts and crypto investors in the ecosystem while enticing traditional investors to join the blossoming blockchain-based gaming industry.

Unlike other NFT gaming platforms, MegaDoge empowers users to generate incomes without devising complex strategies or purchasing eggs to hatch. Since the gaming mechanics are designed to depend more on luck than skill, even newbies will have the opportunity to earn money within the MegaVerse.

The MegaDoge developers are working on MegaKingdom, a fun-to-earn blockchain-powered game that will be the first in the MegaVerse ecosystem. The pioneering P2E game marks the start of the MegaDoge Metaverse. 

In the coming months, the project plans to unveil hundreds of immersive, simple, and entertaining games that allow players to compete and earn in the emerging metaverse. 

The 20k $MegaDoge Airdrop is Coming Soon!

The MegaDoge team is delighted to announce the imminent launch of its airdrop that will offer 20,000 $MegaDoge tokens to users.

Participants can join the event before the February 5, 2022 airdrop end date, with winners set to be announced on February 10. The MegaDoge team will reward each of the top 10 referrers with 500 $MegaDoge ($250), while 1500 valid participants will each receive 10 $MegaDoge ($5).

Crypto proponents can join the airdrop by clicking the MegaDoge Airdrop Bot and completing all tasks. The mandatory assignments participants must complete include joining the project’s Telegram group and channel, following its Twitter page and retweeting the pinned post by tagging three friends.

Participants are also required to join the MegDoge Reddit page, upvote the last post, and follow the platform’s Instagram and Medium pages. Users should then submit their BSC wallet address and await the token distribution to winners on February 20, 2022.

Earn Passive Income with MegaDoge Smart Staking and Farming

The MegaDoge gaming platform offers investors ways to generate passive income earning streams via its smart Staking and Farming function.

Crypto proponents can pledge their $MegaDoge to the Mega protocol and earn staking rewards every time a block is added to the blockchain. Holders who stake more tokens will receive higher rewards whenever block validators mint new coins.

The yield farming contract offers investors a chance to earn more crypto from their holdings. The smart contract generates rewards for liquidity providers who contribute tokens to the Mega protocol.

About MegaDoge 

MegaDoge is a unique gaming platform on the Binance Smart Chain that is building the world of Mega Games. The project introduces the perfect ecosystem for investors to become shareholders based on a robust rewards system. 

The MegaDoge team plans to build a virtual world featuring hundreds of games in which users can play and earn in Megaverse. According to the project backers, the $MegaDoge token isn’t just a meme: It is Mega! Their goal is to foster blockchain adoption worldwide and help take crypto use and NFT-based gaming to the next level.

To connect with the 500k+ member communities across social media and stay updated with the latest news on MegaDoge, check out the resources below: 

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