Lucky Metaverse Launched Its In-Game Token, LMETA

LMETA is the token for Lucky Metaverse’s 3D Virtual Game.

Lucky Metaverse (LMETA) is an all-in-one package metaverse, 3D gaming, and NFT project that interacts across almost all crypto functions in a symbiotic relationship. The LMETA token is now seeing the backing of many new YouTubers after it went live on CoinMarketCap, the popular cryptocurrency market owned by Binance.

LMETA has not relied on angel investors. Instead, they have transferred liquidity from the METAFACE Project and changed the name to Lucky Metaverse. Upon launch, tokens will have a 6-month vesting period with PinkSale and a 180-day lock on the LP. 3.3% of the total supply will be burned each month for the first six months after the launch to protect investors against whale dumps and make the token scarce.

A spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying, ”The functioning of Lucky Metaverse is intricate and created with the goal of making the whole structure sustainable without ruining the gameplay.”

To safeguard its userbase against a whale dump, Lucky Metaverse is offering 2% of the holdings as a shock absorber. It will be locked for two months, to further deter any dumping activity and keep the early contributors safe.


Lucky Metaverse (LMETA) is an all-in-one package metaverse. LMETA is a project that combines some aspects of Defi with Meta and NFT to bring a world-class gaming experience to its users.

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