Kermit Jones | Exploring the Metaverse

Kermit Jones
Dr. Kermit Jones, a Democrat, is running for a seat in California’s 3rd Congressional District, a mostly rural district that leans conservative. He’s up against Republican Kevin Kiley, currently a state Assemblymember. The district stretches from Plumas County, through Sacramento suburbs, into parts of El Dorado County and down to Inyo County. (Note: Assemblymember Kiley declined to be interviewed.)

Exploring the Metaverse
If you’ve seen the sci-fi movie Ready Player One, you can imagine a bit of what the metaverse might be like. But it’s still forming, so does anyone really know? Tech giants are betting big that it will change our lives forever — just look at Facebook changing its name to Meta. And analysts say the metaverse industry is expected to boom by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. But building out a digital universe is far from certain. There are major obstacles to overcome, from creation to adoption. 


  • Sami Khan, Atlas Earth CEO and co-founder
  • Rachel Metz, CNN Business senior writer
  • Op Tepmongkol-Wheaton, The Ohzone Inc. CEO and founder

Something Beautiful: 1950s San Francisco
Let’s take a journey in time in the other direction — into the past. This week’s Something Beautiful reveals San Francisco in the 1950s, with archival footage of some of the city’s famed spots.

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