Katie Haun Picked an Awkward Time to Launch a Crypto Fund — The Information

Katie Haun has set up the offices of her new venture capital shop surprisingly close to her old one. Always security conscious from her time battling cybercriminals for the U.S. Department of Justice, Haun prefers to keep the precise location of her exceedingly well-funded Haun Ventures secret. Suffice it to say a skilled golfer at the nearby Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club in Menlo Park, Calif., might be able to drive a ball from Haun’s front door through a window at Andreessen Horowitz, the firm that launched her meteoric second career before she left to launch her own fund this year.

Not that Haun, who is 47 and has raised $1.5 billion after a mere four years as a venture capitalist, professes a desire to smash anything at her ex-employer’s headquarters. Despite VC-land whispers that Haun’s relationship with Andreessen Horowitz is frostier than both sides suggest, Haun said during an hour-plus-long chat last week that the opposite is true.

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