Italian furniture label Visionnaire debuts its first NFT

In February 2021, an artist named Mike Winkelmann, sold a collection of digital illustrations for $69 million—based solely on a certificate called a “Non Fungible Token”. Fast forward to 2022 and that little known acronym has quickly become one of the defining terms of our times. Everyone from your favourite photographer to Madonna is keen on dipping their toes into the Metaverse. And not just artists, even global luxury brands are venturing into the previously untapped area.

“We are experiencing a revolution right now,” says Eleonore Cavalli, Art Director of the Italian furniture brand Visionnaire. “Technology has provided us with a sense of freedom that wasn’t possible before. There’s a whole new space for creativity to prosper,” she adds. Always the one to stay ahead of the curve, the Milanese tastemaker is gearing up for a trip to the NFT market with Visionnaire’s latest project Apollo Belvedere—one of the first of its kind from a luxury furniture brand globally.

The bust of the Apollo Belvedere, carved in life-size Carrara marble, is inspired by the capitonnè leather, typical of the furniture world. 

Just as the brand prepares to unveil their new novelties at Salone del Mobile in Milan this June, AD India sat down with Cavalli for a quick peek behind the scenes. Here’s an excerpt:

AD: What was the main inspiration behind Apollo Belvedere?

EC: Visionnaire has always been an avant-garde brand in the reception of new languages. The NFT and digital art project is a new horizon in our sector, so it captures our attention and directs our research. The deep sharing of the values of harmony and beauty brought Visionnaire and American artist Jonathan Monaghan together. Apollo Belvedere is a nod to the divine Greek archer Apollo—the symbol of aesthetic perfection. The bust, carved in life-size Carrara marble, is inspired by capitonnè leather and will be auctioned along with an NFT at the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

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