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The marketing world has evolved dramatically in the past few years. Its constant dynamics and emerging dimensions have led marketers to upscale their marketing to keep up with the latest trends. 

Metaverse, the new reality of the internet world, is an immersive virtual world facilitated by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. A research paper, published in the esteemed International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), research paper serves as a channel to better understand the Metaverse, what it comprises, how it is evolving in the marketing sector, and why it is the future of marketing.

The paper, titled as Revamping the Marketing World with Metaverse – The Future of Marketing, is written by Dr Manas Khatri –  a business consultant and top digital marketer.

“We have been surrounded by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for more than 4 years now. However, it existed in small and limited spaces such as immersive gaming experiences, app filters, etc. But Metaverse goes beyond this. And that’s the theme I have explored in my recently published paper, i.e., Revamping the Marketing World with Metaverse – The Future of Marketing,” Khatri said. 

Previously, Khatri published his paper ‘How Digital Marketing along with Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Consumer Behaviour?’ in the International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology while another paper ‘Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence for Evaluating Powerful Customer Experience,’ published in International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology.

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