Grimes Was Interrogated About Queen Elizabeth II & Snowballs

Grimes has your random fun fact of the day!

The musical performer remembered Queen Elizabeth II with one of the most bizarre and random stories I’ve ever heard.

On September 14, Grimes took a trip down memory lane and shared a personal encounter with Her Majesty that led to an hours-long interrogation.

Grimes Had A Bizarre Encounter With Queen Elizabeth II


“Once the queen was gna drive past my high school on a snow day, and all day the teachers threatened us no snow balls. as she drove past it was dead silent, all teachers high alert,” she wrote setting the scene. “And just as the procession was almost past a single snowball arced from the crowd & hit her car.”

Not a bloody snowball!

She Was Accused Of Launching A Snowball At The Queen’s Car


The story didn’t end there.

“Entire crowd erupted into insanity. I was wrongfully accused and had to spend many hours in interrogation, still to this day the culprit remains unknown. But it was glorious,” she admitted.

In the event fans didn’t believe Queen Elizabeth II was in Grimes’ native country of Canada, she shared screenshot proof.


Grimes Denies She Threw The Snowball To This Day!

One of her followers egged her on and replied, “You threw a snowball didn’t you,” to which Grimes replied, “No I actually did not throw it funnily enough.”

A fan replied, “Love this piece of Grimes lore.”

“Is this where visions came from,” a fan asked.

In other Grimes news, the musical artist recently took jabs at Mark Zuckerberg.

Last month, The Blast reported that she slammed him on Twitter for being an incompetent Metaverse head while calling him inadequately qualified to build an alternate reality with his new Meta equipment.

Grimes Slams Zuckerberg’s Artistic Abilities

“If zuck “oversees the Metaverse,” it is dead,” Grimes began her statement, adding, “And people who care about art and culture are building something else. Also, this is bad art.”

Her message continued, “The quality of this image alone speaks to how wildly under qualified he is to build alternate reality, literally every indie game looks better.”

The image she referred to was an attached real-life picture of Zuckerberg, like an avatar, transitioning into an alternate reality being. Furthermore, her tweet was a response to The Independent announcing that the Meta CEO would appear as a surprise guest on the latest show of “controversial podcast host” Joe Rogan.

Grimes at World Premiere Of Marvel Studios 'Captain Marvel'

In a three-hour interview, the duo discussed various topics, including Zuckerberg promoting the potential of Metaverse, highlighting his favorite hobbies, and revealing he has no time for social media despite having created one of the largest globally. As Independent reported, the tech magnate told Rogan about a piece of new Metaverse equipment to be released in October, allowing avatars to imitate users’ facial expressions and make eye contact.

He explained, “Virtual reality really convinces your brain you are there. You have to convince your brain that this isn’t real and that you are not actually there.” Zuckerberg further mentioned “gloves” the company was working on to permit users to feel objects stressing that there will be chances to wear things “to augment the experience further.”

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