FNDG’s Metaverse(Quantumverse) platform to lead global Digital Library Exhibition Curation

By Im Byoung-min/columnist

Visit the library where you can search for data through library exhibition curation, a Metaverse (Quantumverse) platform

FNDG, a subsidiary of Futurenuri, an academic information system development company, has completed the construction of the ‘Digital Library Exhibition Curation’, the world’s first exhibition metaverse (Quantumverse) platform. 

The strengths and characteristics of the built-in library exhibition curation space are largely divided into three curation areas (‘pictures and photos’, ‘video’, and ‘books’), and there is a private space and a book search desk. In addition, when approaching each exhibit, a curation service is provided through a ‘book search’ through a magnifying glass, and a ‘research report search’ is additionally provided at the location of the bookshelf.

The construction of library exhibition curation was promoted as a ‘2022 XR and Metaverse (Quantumverse) content development support project supported by the Daegu Institute for Digital Innovation (DIP).

While interest and efforts to build a metaverse (Quantumverse) platform are expanding in various fields around the world, the library, which is the center of reading culture and lifelong learning, is also a metaverse (Quantumverse) centering on the National Library of Korea and public and university libraries. Efforts to integrate platform-based services are continuing.


Monitors for library visitors to retrieve material through Curation

In order to implement a digital library service metaverse (Quantumverse) platform, it is necessary to meet various and specialized user information needs for vast knowledge information, and it is necessary to consider that a lot of cost and time are required.

 As the first step, FNDG will showcase the world’s first ‘Digital Library Exhibition Curation’ by integrating the technology and know-how accumulated as a company specializing in digital library and academic information services in the process of carrying out this development support project.


Monitored content retrieved through Curation

‘Digital Library Exhibition Curation’ is a 3D spatialization of the offline exhibition space of the library, and users can freely move around the space through a web browser and enjoy art works and videos without installing a separate application. In addition, through search in front of the work, various related information such as books and academic DB provided by the Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS), such as independently operated libraries, have been implemented so that they can be used.

Choi Seong-seok, CEO of FNDG, said, “Considering the purpose of maintaining daily life even in a situation like a pandemic, the library service, which is a public asset, this platform establishment project in connection with the library information system is an on-offline integrated library service at the current stage as well as after the endemic. It is significant as an important starting point for the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, FNDG is a company that focuses on establishing and supporting academic information systems such as the Research Information Service (RISS) of the Korea Education and Research Information Service and is a subsidiary of Futurenuri, a company specializing in electronic library solutions and digital libraries. 

Futurenuri has over 30 overseas achievements, including Uzbekistan National Integrated Digital Library, Vietnam National Police University Library, and Thailand Thammasat University Digital Library, along with over 600 domestic university, public, and corporate library systems. In this project, product planning and Digital library information system supported the core sector of RISS search information linkage service


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