Cozies to Release 10,000 NFTs on October 10 Inspired by Lo-Fi Anime Aesthetics, Sci-Fi and Streetwear Culture

The Cozy culture is defined by being comfortable with who you are, what you own and where you are going

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2022 / — Inspired by lo-fi anime aesthetics, sci-fi and streetwear culture, Cozies is releasing 10,000 NFTs on October 10 that are intentionally crafted to reflect a Cozy futuristic reality.

Cozies is a Web3-native, immersive, well-being brand leading a new global movement toward a “Cozy” culture, which they define as being comfortable with who you are, what you own and where you are going.

Cozies aims to empower and encourage NFT owners to expand on their characters’ stories after they go on a journey of self-exploration. To achieve this, the team is creating platforms and an immersive digital world scape to enable Cozy culture to exist in holders’ daily lives and make the Cozies universe feel complete.

“Cozies is an advocacy movement that sprang forth from some of the problems arising from Web3,” said Andrew Fai, chief visionary officer of Cozies. “We want to introduce a more calm, collected and reflective mindset to render the space more welcoming and positively impactful on individual well-being.”

Fai said Cozies is focused on creating unique, decentralized digital identities that unlock a wider potential for well-being and immersive experiences, as well as on working with the community to develop tools (public goods for holders) that enable expanded utilization possibilities for holders’ intellectual property (IP) in order to aid decentralized brand growth.

“The aim is to bring together a forward-thinking collective of independent innovators, wanderers and peace seekers who have left an unsustainable culture of never-ending hype and risky ventures to face a new direction – toward the self and a shared vision of the future, knowing lifelong growth is achieved and experienced together,” Fai said.

The Cozies NFTs will be utilized as decentralized identifiers so that holders can use their on-chain Cozies credentials to gain access to an engaging world of well-being on the internet. Holders will be able to benefit from persistent identities and collect digital souvenirs, mementos and credentials to take with them in their wallets. These will mark an individual’s well-being journey and help build a unique on-chain identity.

Cozies artwork is focused on the characters turning toward their future journey. After noticing that there were many identical style profile pictures in the space, Cozies made a bold decision to turn these characters away from the “camera” in order to create something that symbolized the change Cozies wanted to showcase.

Each character trait has been meticulously crafted and thoroughly considered to pique viewers’ imagination and curiosity.

Fai said the brand’s focus is on developing suites of tools, engaging activities and support processes that enable holders of Cozies to use their owned NFT IP, and the wider Cozies branding material, in all manner of applications. This will aid the process of decentralized brand growth by enhancing utilization possibilities.

“Our longer-term goal is to gain sustainable global recognition as a prominent well-being brand. Seeing Cozies branding anywhere in the world should immediately signal the values of ‘Feeling Cozy.’ We are working on execution strategies for co-branding partnerships and the elevation of organizations formed by Cozies holders to support this aim in a wider well-being ecosystem. We hope Cozies will form a kind and peaceful foundation for holders’ daily lives,” Fai said.

For more information on Cozies, please visit Additional information about Cozies, including a whitepaper that outlines its mission, vision and utility in great detail, can be found at


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