Changing Cashmere Classroom by AI and XR

These learning groups bring together teachers from across the nations to exchange resources, lesson ideas and best practices for digital education. Besides, teachers can attend online workshops to develop their competency in different areas of interest.

Studies show that technology creates pedagogical opportunities and using AI and XR as technological tools can bring entertainment to education. Which can be called EduTecTainment. Different subject teachers can make use of the metaverse and attain edutechtainment in their classrooms.

For instance, in History – Any specific historical era can be reconstructed in a metaverse, where learners can go and learn about it in an immersive way. For instance, students can witness the French Revolution as though it is happening live. Immersive VR Education, produced ‘1943 Berlin Blitz in 360°’ uses real-life footage from a nighttime raid of Nazi Germany to help learners realize what it was like to live through a momentous event.

In Geography – Geography and Astronomy students can explore the solar system or different layers of the earth or the constellations through the hyper-realistic visual experience offered by a metaverse.

We can now use augmented reality to create a hurricane, then bring the eye and eye-wall of a hurricane right into the classroom so students can comprehend these destructive storms up close. Or students can take an AR tour of a beehive to see its inner workings and explore how the bees work together to support the community. EduTecTainment can also be attained in the classroom through various apps which allow learners to discover the universe using AR overlays of the night sky. With SkyView, anyone can point their mobile device upward to identify stars, constellations, planets, and even satellites.

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