Big Eyes: A meme project with NFT functionality, similar to Decentraland and Enjin

The success of a crypto project relies on a solid fan base, the resilience of the team behind the project, and often support from influencers. Meme tokens are notable for these features, which have accelerated their popularity and growth. Big Eyes intends to adopt the process of the existing memecoins and offer more improved services to users.

Big Eyes Coin is a unique memecoin project with the potential to outclass other tokens and contend with great crypto projects. Big Eyes will integrate numerous NFT and metaverse-based products and services into the crypto space.

The service feature NFT collectibles and the metaverse. The architecture of the Big Eye ecosystem is furnished to achieve these objectives. All users engaged in these activities stand a chance to earn themselves passive income.

Members will not only take part in those activities but be actively involved in the policy-making process that makes this cat community better. Big Eyes also aims to influence a positive change in our environment. To achieve this, Big Eyes plans to donate 5% of its project’s profit to charities.

This donation will be used to finance activities geared towards protecting the aquatic terrain and animals. This part of our universe is essential to our existence, and Big Eyes makes it its moral obligation to flourish it.

Big Eyes will integrate NFT as a crucial part of a project with a huge market economy that benefits the users and the platform. Users that hold Big Eyes NFT collectibles are eligible to be part of Big Eyes Sushi Crew, a fun club for NFT holders that cherish cuteness and entertainment.

The utility coin of the Big Eyes platform is BIG, an ERC-20 token that users can hold to participate in governance protocol for the ecosystem.

To purchase any amount of BIG tokens during the presale, go through the following steps carefully;

  • Add and install the official Metamask extension for Google Chrome through the Chrome extension store (for smartphone users, get trustwallet from your app store.)
  • Register an account on the metamask website and keep your recovery phrase.
  • Purchase sufficient tokens for your chosen wallet in step one (e.g., BNB, ETH, or USDT).
  • Visit and connect your registered wallet.
  • Fill in all the requested information on the page.
  • Choose your payment token and click on buy.
  • Patiently wait for your BIG token to arrive in your wallet when the presale ends.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is another community-led metaverse project running on the Ethereum network consensus. The architecture of Decentraland consists of three layers: the consensus layer, the land content layer, and the real-time layer.

The consensus layer is responsible for tracking land ownership and its assets, while the land content layer allows members to download assets through a decentralized distribution system. Decentraland also utilizes the real-time layer to connect users with themselves.

The native tokens on Decentraland are two, and they are MANA and LAND. MANA is an ERC-20 compliant coin that can be used to purchase parcels of land in the decentraland ecosystem. LAND is an NFT with ERC-721 standard that portrays the space acquired by users.

Enjin coin (ENJ)

Enjin coin ENJ is the digital currency of Enjin’s online gaming platform. Enjin is an open-source ecosystem that allows gamers to acquire and trade in-game assets among themselves through smart wallets.

The architecture of Enjin has technologies for creating gaming assets, NFT collectibles, and other distributed applications. Enjin also integrates facilities like a wallet, marketplace, and developer platform.

You can purchase and swap ENJ tokens with fiat currencies on crypto exchanges like Gemini, Coinbase, and Binance. Enjin adopts an improved scaling solution known as Effinity in its public API and SDK. Enjin also has an escrow-based smart contract, allowing multiple users to transfer gaming assets among themselves simultaneously.

The NFT products, services, and functionalities adopted by the two tokens discussed above will be integrated with the development of the Big Eyes NFT community.

All services highlighted in the Big Eyes whitepaper make it a valuable project that guarantees income generation for its users. Buy the token now to enjoy its benefits.






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