BB creatif Launches New NFT Series, VICE, on May 13 During Mental Health Awareness Month | News

Mint one of Bianca Van Damme’s nine personalities as part of the artist’s series, with 9.99% of sales donated to The Child Mind Institute.

NEW YORK, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — BB creatif launches its latest NFT series, VICE, on May 13, highlighting the nine personalities through still/moving images of its co-founder, artist and actress Bianca Van Damme. The announcement during Mental Health Awareness Month brings attention to the challenges many face, like Van Damme, who has bipolar disorder. She is donating 9.99% of VICE sales to the Child Mind Institute.

The daughter of action star Jean Claude Van Damme found solace in her mental health journey through art. VICE marks her second art NFT drop as part of BB creatif, a platform created along with photographer and cinematographer Scott Bushaw to bridge the gap from physical art to digital pieces. The change from piece to piece in VICE sums up the mental health journey for BB, as some works were created during highs and others lows.

“Creating this personality piece was really me feeling confident. The whole rebellious VICE series was a moment of truth to feel like I can express all the personality traits I usually have to hide, can’t express or don’t know how to,” said Van Damme. “It’s like when I was a child, I wanted to be so many different things when I grew up, so I chose acting (along with many other reasons) to be many people in one lifetime.”

VICE is the polar opposite of Van Damme’s first release, created during a bipolar low. VICE was designed amidst a confident, manic high. The ability to originate pieces based on highs or lows and tie them into a larger journey is why BB chose to use NFTs as a medium. Bianca’s personalities from Series I, II and III signify an overarching journey slowly revealed and tied into itself as time goes on. The characters build and reveal themselves on a deeper level, with the series collectors getting to know their favorite characters and understanding them better.

NFTs allow BB creatif to release projects that make the journey part of the art. The three levels in the VICE series feature nine images from still to moving, starting from $99. For more information, visit

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