June 25, 2022

Artist Xcopy Puts His Support Behind New Ghosts Project NFT Collection

XCOPY, one of the most popular and successful NFT artists, shows his support for the new Ghosts Project NFT Collection. In a tweet by the Ghosts project’s community manager, there’s a picture of several ghosts project NFTs sold to the XCOPY. The caption said “Maybe @XCOPYART knows something that we don’t know. @ghosts_project is the beginning of everything that lives in @MrMisang’s universe. Think about what having a Ghost PFP means in web3.”

Subsequently, XCOPY replied that he is just enjoying the collection and buying the dip. He added he doesn’t have any information about the collection that’s not already available to the public.

Maybe, XCOPY is just collecting NFTs and at the same time showing support to another NFT artist. Just another wholesome interaction in the world of Web3.

Is the Ghosts Project the next blue-chip NFT collection? Credit: Ghosts Project website

About the Ghosts Project NFT Collection

Ghosts Project is a collection of 10,000 NFT avatars released last January. It is designed by MYTY and MrMisang, a renowned artist in the NFT space and a top artist in SuperRare.

In addition, the Ghosts Project is a prequel to MrMisang’s original series, Modern Life is Rubbish, and will support face and motion tracking powered by MYTY. Basically, you can use the NFT to appear in all major webcam-based applications, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Zoom.

According to the MrMisang, they created the collection because of the vision that people should be able to interact with others without having to reveal and use their physical selves. The NFT avatars function as digital alter egos that are able to move at our own will, the artist and team added.

As of writing, the floor price for a Ghost NFT is 0.119 Eth.

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