June 25, 2022

Artist Trevor Jones Announces A NFT Holders Party In A Scottish Castle

Trevor Jones, an NFT artist based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, has announced that he is set to have a party for all of his collectors in the historic Scottish castle, Stirling Castle, which is around an hour outside of Edinburgh. This, for sure, must be one of the coolest forms of “utility” we’ve seen from an artist.

Stirling Castle is one of the biggest and best in Scotland.

About Trevor Jones and his Party

Trevor Jones is a 51-year-old Scottish-Canadian NFT artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His artwork has been extremely popular on various art-focused platforms including SuperRare, Nifty Gateway and MakersPlace. In February, he raked in $3.2 million for his ‘Bitcoin Angel’ artwork.

Trevor Jones started in crypto art in the year 2018, when he started by using AR to transform paintings at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery into crypto celebs. To clarify, he is a huge name in the NFT space, with 70k Twitter followers, and has collaborated with the likes of Pak and Beeple. He’s followed by XCOPY, GaryVee, Paris Hilton, Beeple and more.

For Trevor Jones’ party, he has confirmed that it will take place at Stirling Castle on July 30th of this year. In his announcement Tweet, he said: “Utility!? What utility? I just want to throw a massive f%*king party at Stirling Castle and invite all my collectors. ”

The History of Stirling Castle

Scotland is a country full of castles, with more than 1,500 scattered across the country of just over 5 million people. Stirling Castle is one of the biggest and most important castles in the country, both historically and architecturally. The castle has been used in many wars and battles in which Scotland has been involved throughout the centuries. The castle dates from at least the early 12th century, with the present buildings mostly built between 1490 and 1600. Today, it is still in use and is able to be visited by the public. Moreover, Many historical royal figures have stayed in the castle. Now, Trevor Jones becomes the next big name there!

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