Artfi enters the $60 BN Global Arts Market

Art Connoisseur Asif Kamal has joined cryptocurrency experts to launch Artfi, a blockchain based fine art NFT ecosystem that acquires fine art and sells fragments as NFTs. Collecting & investing in the world’s greatest art pieces has been a privilege enjoyed by a select few and the journey of the art and the stories it tells has been dictated by the upper echelons of society.

However, that changes with the launch of Artfias it brings access and democratization to the world of fine art.  Recently, Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi, a member of the ruling family of Sharjah, had also announced her association with Artfi and has joined as a partner and adviser.

“Royalties and partial sale opportunities in the fine art world is something never existed in the history of fine art, Artfi brings the unique proposition for artists, sellers, collectors to give them opportunities to earn Royalties on each NFT transaction and the opportunity to sell 90% of their art and keep 10% lock in their wallet for future upside if they consign their artwork with Artfi.” said art connoisseur Asif Kamal who recently launched Artfi in the public.

The company has established a non-profit public trust and physical museum called the “Artfi Foundation” which will display physical works of art, and preserve and maintain art collections on behalf of the NFT holders. Every work acquired by the community will be immediately integrated into the Artfi Foundation. The Artfi Foundation will operate as a public trust for the enjoyment of the Artfi community. The Foundation will also develop a museum in the Metaverse where the collection will be always accessible.

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