Art meets technology: workshop held in Dhaka

A five-day workshop (21st – 25th November. 2022)  was conducted by Meta Moina & SBK Tech Ventures in association with Team Platform. The workshop was held at Tactsoft in Dhaka and was facilitated by Mreethmandir Gunjan Kumar Roy.

Meta Moina & SBK Tech Ventures have partnered to create a programme for Bangladeshi female artists leveraging technology with the ambition of building bridges between the world of traditional art and technology and exploring how female artists are utilizing immersive forms of technology to break the boundaries of the traditional art world.

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There were 10 female artists chosen for the 1st edition. The participants were Arpita Singha Lopa, Farah Naz Moon, Fareha Zeba, Farzana Ahmed Urmi, Farzana Haque, Mahmuda Siddika, Riturupa Talukder Sathi, Rumana Rahman, Soma Surovi Jannat, and Suborna Morsheada

The chief guest at the event was Selima Ahmed, MP, President, and Founder of Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BWCCI) and Vice Chairperson of Nitol-Niloy Group.

She handed over the certificate of experience to the 10 female artists and recognised the 4 artists whose animated NFT has already been sold.

SBK Tech Ventures Founder & Managing Partner, Sonia Bashir Kabir, said that “Technology enables artists to create art in unprecedented ways. The workshop was an active learning experience! This personalized workshop and mentorship program we provide covers everything an artist needs to know about animation – Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

NFT art is a digitalised piece of artwork that a person has tokenized onto a blockchain. These digital files do not have physical copies; instead, they exist only online, where investors and art collectors can buy and sell them.NFT is a non-exchangeable digitally protected object. It represents a unique and irreplaceable item (a piece of data) stored in a blockchain and cannot be copied or exchanged. Examples of NFTs may include digital art, art, images, sounds, videos, and other types of digital files (e.g., collectibles, virtual reality items, crypto domain names, ownership records for physical assets, and more). It allows the buyer to be the sole owner of the original item, with built-in authentication and proof of ownership. As an analogy, you can imagine a masterpiece that physically exists only once as the original work as an exhibit in an art gallery or is in private ownership (e.g., Mona Lisa). This makes the creation and circulation of fake digital objects pointless because each item can be traced back to the original issuer. People call this exclusivity a “digital bragging right”. NFTs are certificates that attest to the authenticity, uniqueness, and ownership of a digital asset and cannot be replaced with other goods of the same kind”

The Chief Guest, Selima Ahmed MP said, “I am delighted to see that there are new opportunities for women artists across Bangladesh to be able to earn an income from their work through the power of technology. This presents a new frontier for Bangladeshi women to become digital entrepreneurs.”

Meta Moina Founder & Managing Director, Niharika Momtaz added “This program was initiated to give training to 10 female artists every month from January 2023. Our mission is to make 1 million female NFT artists ready to make their own NFTs. Selected NFTs will also be awarded for different categories annually. The collection “Power of SHE” was launched by Meta Moina in collaboration with Nifty Souq on the 27th of December 2022 in the Metaverse during the certificate ceremony of Art Meets Technology Workshop (1st edition) at SBK Tech Ventures office in Gulshan 1. There will be the showcasing of 10 female artists’ works from the Workshop at the venue. All the participant’s NFTs will be available to buy on the platform ‘Nifty Souq’. 4 of the 10 artists have already been able to sell their animated NFT on December 27th, the day it was launched.”

As Cryptocurrencies are not allowed in Bangladesh, ‘Meta Moina’ will remit the Bangladeshi NFT artists in US Dollars. This will not only open a unique corridor for earning foreign exchange but also export Bangladeshi culture to the rest of the world. Global interest in blockchain technology is growing daily, and with it comes good news for artists If done correctly, there is an untapped monetization opportunity for Bangladeshi artists”.

With the aim of nurturing the next generation of art world professionals, Meta Moina & SBK Tech Ventures plan to launch their own NFT marketplace, in the first quarter of 2023 where Bangladeshi female artists will get top priority.

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