All creatives welcome for 2022 Nashville Design Week

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The 2022 Nashville Design Week starts Monday. Its goal is to bring creatives across industries together, everything from fashion to architecture, graphic design, and even design in the virtual world — like Metaverse — as industries look ahead to the future.

This event is for any creative, but also for anyone who just wants to learn and connect more with the design world and see what all is out there.

This is the 5th annual Design Week. This event is organized by volunteers and was started by a group of women in different aspects of design who wanted to connect more with others.

The week will have panels, workshops, tours, and group art projects — such as art roulette, where everyone contributes to making one painting.

Ann Katherine Vitti, Communications Director for Nashville Design Week, said this collaboration between creatives is important especially as Nashville continues to grow.

“We wanted to get everybody in a room and learn how we can better make them collaborate across industries,” said Vitti. “So, getting a graphic designer in the same room as an architect and making them have a conversation and building that. So, as people move here and as industries grow, how do we make sure that continues to move forward in a way that benefits Nashville?”

Events for Design Week take place in different venues across the city. You can find what events are happening where on the Nashville Design Week online calendar.

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