Agoraverse to introduce the first Web 3.0 shopping center

Agoraverse to introduce the first Web 3.0 shopping center

The developers are looking to make it the biggest digital shopping mall with around 5000 shops

By Shashank Bhardwaj

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Blockchain-enabled shopping mall Agoraverse has announced the launch of its first-ever shopping mall in the metaverse. This virtual shopping mall will have fashionably displayed apparel lines, metaverse-related commodities and services, art collections, NFTs, office and home furniture, and more. It will also allow users to play mini-games and access relaxation areas such as clubs, restaurants, and other amenities.

The Agora ecosystem seeks to develop the world’s largest metaverse shopping mall with as many as 5000 shops, complete with apparel, furniture, art stores, as well as mini-games and leisure zones, making this the first virtual project of such magnitude and scope.

Metashops, Lofts, and Access Card NFTs are just a few of the Agora ecosystem’s features. The $AGORA token will power the Agora shopping mall, allowing users to buy virtual NFT objects and real-world items, much like they would in a traditional online store. It can also be used to make purchases from partnered Metashops or to participate in various leisure activities within the ecosystem. Users can also earn $AGORA by earning cashback on purchases or completing various tasks within the ecosystem.

The total supply of $AGORA is capped at 1 billion. 10 percent of the total supply will go to the Agora ecosystem, where it will be utilised for periodic rewards and in-app activities. 20 percent of total $AGORA tokens will be reserved as a reward for creators, while 17 percent will be used as a reward for individuals who stake their tokens. 16 percent of the tokens are reserved for the ICO slated for June 2022. The liquidity pool will receive 6percent of the tokens, while CEX and VC future funds will receive 11 percent. 5 percent of the tokens will be used to reward team efforts, while the remaining 15 percent will be used for additional development.
The Agoraverse ICO is slated to take place on 3rd June 2022, and the funds raised will be used to further Agora’s development as a digital shopping mall.
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