aespa Takes Just One Day To Break Record For Highest 1st-Week Sales By Any Female Artist In History

One day of sales was all aespa needed to become the female artist with the highest first-week sales in all of Hanteo history!

On July 8, aespa made their highly-anticipated comeback with their second mini album “Girls” and its title track of the same name. According to Hanteo Chart, the mini album sold an impressive total of 806,891 copies on July 8 alone.

Not only did “Girls” take just one day to smash aespa’s previous first-week sales record of 276,877 (set by their first mini album “Savage“), but it has also set a new record for the highest first-day sales by any female artist in Hanteo history. (The previous record belonged to BLACKPINK‘s “THE ALBUM,” which sold 589,310 on its first day of sales back in 2020.)

Additionally, aespa has already become the female artist with the highest first-week sales in Hanteo history. Within just one day, “Girls” managed to break the previous record held by BLACKPINK’s Lisa, whose solo debut single album “LALISA” sold 736,221 copies in the first week of its release. (The previous record for girl groups was held by BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM,” which sold a total of 689,066 copies in its first week.)

Even including boy groups, aespa is now the group with the fourth-highest first-day sales in Hanteo history, bested only by BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT.

Congratulations to aespa on their amazing achievements!

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