2022 Vertical Snapshot: The Metaverse

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What is the Metaverse, exactly?

From executive pronouncements to headlines and convention centers, talk of the Metaverse is everywhere, but what exactly is it? Our latest Emerging Tech Research Vertical Snapshot aims to answer that question by outlining seven core principles of the Metaverse that illustrate how both advocates and skeptics differ in their conceptions of a more immersive digital future.

The report analyzes Metaverse opportunities and challenges across the pillars of access, infrastructure and experience—dimensions that capture the core areas of disruption entrepreneurs and executives will have to face as they ponder the future of the internet. The report also spotlights VC activity, key players and acquisitions in the vertical, as it unpacks how VCs can hope to capitalize on the Metaverse.

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3
Metaverse by the numbers 4
Defining the Metaverse 5
Timeline 16
Industry growth drivers 18
VC activity 23
Market map 25
Metaverse landscape 26
Metaverse taxonomy 27
Key players 30
Key acquisitions 35
Glossary 36

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